:hiperstream’s CFO at the Global CFO Excellence Awards 2020
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:hiperstream’s CFO at the Global CFO Excellence Awards 2020

July 23, 2020

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:hiperstream’s executive was recognized as Best Technology CFO at the Global CFO Excellence Awards 2020, together with finance leaders from around the world.

Giuliano Loureiro, :hiperstream's CFO

Our work and the work of our CFO Giuliano Loureiro were acknowledged in this year's CFO Global Excellence Award. In his debut in this award, Giuliano was recognized Best Technology CFO for Southeast Brazil.

Being a strategic partner within the digital transformation journey is at the heart of our way to do business, as the publication highlighted: “:hiperstream is built on the belief that companies are able to transform intelligent data quality into an advantage, particularly when communicating and building relationships with their end-users.”

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For Giuliano, :hiperstream is an enabler. In our daily work, it means applying strategies such as cost management and resource allocation to ensure our business is profitable. From CFO to CFO, the ability of analyzing data and making decisions accordingly, thus improving financial results are among the results perceived by our customers - no matter the industry or business size.

From his previous career learnings as a CFO or as an auditor in one of the “Big Four”, Giuliano always keeps in mind what he has learned about corporate governance and internal control. But he believes the role of the CFO is constantly evolving alongside technology.

“As we move into the future, data management and analytics, strategic vision, critical thinking, people management, communication and resilience, as well as a problem-solving mindset, are vital for a CFO - and for the entire organization - to succeed.”

Acquisition International award

Acquisition International's award emerged to reward the commitment, innovation and dynamism of finance leaders who are transforming the entire market. For Laura Brookes, Senior Editor, “in today's complex economic environment, it is crucial for the world's leading businesses and enterprises to be represented by only the best in financial leadership.”

This edition also recognized the work of ten other leaders committed to transforming their industries in businesses such as Bitpanda and Atlantic Service. There was also one more Brazilian awarded: Diego Barreto, CFO and Chief Strategy Officer at iFood, mentioned in the FoodTech category.

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